Do it Yourself EZE-Breeze

You can “Do It Yourself”¬†with EZE-Breeze panels from Architectural Glass

EZE-Breeze porch enclosure, Anderson, SC

Architectural Glass is excited to offer you the EzeBreeze Sliding Panel System as a complete Do It Yourself EZE-Breeze Porch Enclosure System.

EZE-Breeze is time tested and a proven Porch Enclosure system that is completely custom fabricated to fit your home. EZE-Breeze is finally available for sale directly to homeowners as well as building contractors to purchase and install themselves or for their customers!

We have the know-how and experience needed to insure each custom project will meet or exceed our clients expectations. Our goal is to insure that our customers are delighted and completely satisfied with the product as well as the service and support they recieve when they decide to install EZE-Breeze as their porch & patio enclosure. So why not Do-It-Yourself.


EZE-Breeze History

EZE-Breeze was developed in Florida back in 1981 by Vinyl Tech Inc. now known world wide as PGT Industries. It was introduced as a porch window solution to use on golf courses across the south eastern US. Since that time, EZE-Breeze has been distributed through a network of home improvement specialists around the globe! EZE-Breeze is no stranger to Canada, Europe and even down under in Australia.

The 10 Mill Vinyl Glazing and the Powder Coated Aluminum Finish are virtually indestructible and can withstand the test of time. They stand strong for many years in most any climate. EZE-Breeze can handle the arctic cold and the summer heat. Its tuff and durable in any environment and retains its reputation as the easiest porch window system to operate ever made. The EZE-Breeze Sliding panel system allows you to enjoy your 3 Season Porch in ways you’ve never imagined.

With EZE-Breeze, you can quickly close up and protect your porch or screen room when an unexpected thunderstorm pops up or when a major dusting of spring pollen threatens to cover everything in an itchy coat of that green stuff. No worries! It’s a snap to stop Mother Nature from spoiling the festivities, while still enjoying the day.

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Measuring and Installing


Measuring & Installation of the EZE-Breeze System is simple, just email or call us with your opening sizes in inches and we will provide a clean professional quote that will include all fees including freight for the EZE-Breeze system to be shipped directly to your door!

Once you receive your windows, simply remove them from the packaging and install them into your openings. They come complete with screen and fully assembled. We provide detailed and complete measuring and installation instructions with every order. These instructions are available for quick and easy download anytime you need them. We also provide one on one design consultation and installation instruction to each and every customer. Complete documentation is available via email like. Pick up the phone and give us a ring, you will be glad you did!