Sunrise Hybrid Sunroom



At Architectural Glass, we realize that everyone has a budget. That is why we created the new hybrid sunroom, with more options than the competition. We can offer you double hung, sliding, or casement windows, with a solid kneewall around the perimeter of the room or glass kick panels. This product can be used for a full year round space or if you have an existing porch area we can close in the walls using this same product line.

Project Gallery

  • Beautiful Energy Efficient Vinyl Windows
  • Double Hung, Single Hung, Sliding, Casement, and Awning
  • Colors: White or Tan
  • Beautiful Patio Sliding Doors, Swing Doors, or French Doors
  • 3″ Thermally Broken Aluminum Framing, which means virtually maintenance free
  • Solid foam insulated walls and the option for all glass in the walls

Insulated Glass

The Best Low-E Glass Available

Sunrise Windows’ soft-coat Low-E not only out-performs hard-coat Low-E glass, but most soft-coat Low-E glass as well. It has set an industry standard for being the clearest Low-E glass on the market today. All this while reducing UV light which fades fine fabrics, draperies, and fine art.

All windows ordered with our soft-coat Low-E are filled with Argon gas as standard. Argon is a very heavy and dense gas, which acts like an amplifier to boost the performance of our soft-coat Low-E glass by 20%. Normal air between the panes of glass tends to circulate from hot to cold by rapid movement. The density of Argon gas move much slower, thereby reducing the heat of summer or cold of winter transferring over to the inside pane of the glass.

Our Exclusive Power E Glass System: “Saving Energy Costs and Adding More Comfort to Your Home”

When you choose the Power E Glass System, you choose a 3/4″ overall dual glazed insulated unit featuring Power E Glass, the SureEdge Spacer System, and an insulating space filled with high-density argon gas. Power E Glass is designed with a proprietary glass coating structure that allows the system, combined with energy-conserving argon gas, to insulate better than Low-E glass and even most triple-paned products.

SureEdge Spacer System

Modern double pane sealed insulated glass units were created over 50 years ago and, over that time, the materials to make insulated glass have steadily evolved so that units could be made to last longer and insulate better. SureEdge Spacer System, the next step in the evolution of insulated glass units, provides the best value and thermal performance in windows, and is the exclusive spacer system used in the construction of Essentials Windows.

Grids Between the Glass

You also have your choice of two styles of grids: Standard Colonial and Contour. Both styles are available in various patterns, and, best of all, the grids are contained in the airtight space between the panes of glass so you don’t have to dust them!

Vinyl Colors: Express Your Style

Our windows come in two colors Painters White or Tan.