Sunroom Blythewood SC

Blythewood, SC – Sunroom

The recent years of extremely hot and cold weather in the Columbia area prevented us from enjoying our porch area, especially during the early spring and late summer. We had porch furnishings that we made a sizable investment in and we were unable to make hardly any use of our large porch area. As a result, we looked into enclosing our porch into a sunroom. Our research of sunroom providers led us to select Architectural Glass of Greer, SC. Phil Pfister, who is the retail contractor for Four Seasons Sunroom in South Carolina, met with us, explained the energy efficient product Four Seasons offers. Phil drew up the plans for our sunroom addition and provided a competitive bid. Architectural Glass constructed our Sunroom according to the agreed upon drawing and specifications. We have been very pleased with their work and we are thoroughly enjoying our sunroom and furnishings now. It was a very worthwhile investment. We would highly recommend Architectural Glass of Greer, SC if anyone is considering a Sunroom.