Columbia, SC – Conservatory

Upon first considering attaching a small conservatory to the rear of my townhouse, I was referred by a friend to the local Four Seasons representative. I made a call and Phil Pfister visited. He explained sizes, styles, and options available to me. After settling on a design that best accommodated both my imagination and the unique setting, construction went remarkably smoothly. Access to my home is difficult and the work area cramped. Nonetheless, Pfister and his staff worked quietly, efficiently, and kept to the short timeframe predicted.

Perhaps unlike most folks, I specifically did not want to deal with the necessarily important matters of tasteful tile selection & installment, choices of the right ceiling fan & its installment, appropriate wall lighting, electrification, and sorting out subcontractors for all these. Mr Pfister’s willingness to accommodate and assist was a major plus for me. He arranged a painless process of choosing finishes that suited me, and had these installed even as the structure arose. As a result in a fortnight’s time I was sitting in a rocking chair in a turnkey addition that enhanced my home immeasurably.

Intended as a ‘sun room’, I confess that I’ve found I actually enjoy it most when sitting ‘out’ in the rain. The only experience that tops this — rare in South Carolina — is an evening when it snows.

Dave L.