Victorian and Georgian

The earliest conservatories were built in the late 1800’s as a room for people and plants. The conservatory provides a way to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors in the comfort and shelter of the indoors. These rooms have become entertainment areas as well as areas of refuge and relaxation.

Today’s technologies have produced superior designs. Modern engineering has provided new glazing materials, frames, and comfort controls which make these glass spaces as safe and comfortable as traditional rooms. Conservatories can be used as studies, kitchen add-ons, family rooms or sitting rooms. The conservatory can be a wonderful addition to your home.

Architectural Glass does not use cheap, ineffective polycarbonate roof glazing; we feature only state of the art tempered, insulated high performance glass.

Architectural Glass Conservatories come in two different styles: Victorian and Georgian.

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Light pours into this unique glass sunroom from all angles, bringing warmth and openness to your traditional home. The classical “bull nose” of this Victorian treasure reflects its historical character, while the maintenance-free exterior makes it a modern marvel. Look no further for affordable elegance!


  • Pre-Finished Aluminum Interior and Exterior

Energy Efficient Construction

  • Insulated glass roof system
  • Thermally broken frames and interlocking window sashes
  • High performance glass

Window choices and features

  • Single or dual sliding windows, casements, or Tilt-Out
  • Full view fixed windows
  • Removable screens
  • Double lock security

Door choices

  • Full view single-swing doors
  • Sliding doors with screens
  • Full view French doors

Color choices

  • Bronze
  • Sandtone
  • White
  • Custom


  • Glass etching on doors and transoms
  • Grilles between glass on doors and windows
  • Full view fixed windows
  • Finial and cresting

The stately, spacious glass Georgian conservatory brings brings immidiate stature to the home it adjoins. From its classical architecture to its open floor space, this light-filled conservatory is as beautiful as it is efficient.


  •  Pre-finished aluminum interior and exterior

Energy Efficient Construction

  •  Insulated glass roof system
  •  Thermally broken frames and interlocking sashes
  •  High performance glass

Window Choices and Features

  •  Single or dual sliding windows, Casements, Tilt-Out
  •  Full view fixed glass
  •  Removable screens
  •  Double lock securitry

Door Choices

  •  Full view single-swing doors
  •  Sliding doors with screens
  •  Full view French doors

Color Choices

  •  Bronze
  •  Sandstone
  •  White
  • Custom


  •  Glass etching on doors and transoms
  •  Grilles between the glass on doors and windows
  •  Full view fixed windows
  •  Finial and cresting
Maintenance Free?

Our conservatories are designed from either all aluminum construction with sliding windows with screens or the choice of luxurious wood interior with all aluminum exterior constructed with casement windows. The all aluminum exterior creates a sunroom that is maintenance free.