Curved, Straight Eave and Cathedral



Architectural Glass Solariums are constructed of all glass roof and sides and can come in three different styles; curved, straight eave and cathedral. These all glass solariums are the ultimate space for you and your family.


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All of the solariums have a high-performance insulated glass roof providing views of the sun and stars; you’ll be closer to nature than you ever thought possible, all from the climate-controlled comfort of indoors. Bringing in the soothing natural light of the sun and the romantic aura of the stars will light up your life and your whole home with its space, comfort, and charm.

Solarium designs from Architectural Glass are custom designed to blend in with your home. With the option of adding windows with screens, you will enjoy cooling breezes in moderate weather, but yet still maintain superior energy efficiency when Mother Nature is at her worst. From the exterior the room is atheistically pleasing, with a gentle rounded effect unmatched by any conventional construction.

The Solariums include an all-glass roof, either with a curved eave pitch or a straight sloped pitch. With options such as glass transoms, solid or glass kick panels, solid or glass trapezoids on the gable walls; this is the most popular and most versatile room.

With views of the sun and stars through your energy-efficient glass roof, you will feel like your living outdoors with all the climate controlled comfort of being indoors. From the outside, the majestic roofline adds drama and elegance to your home’s appearance. The peaked roof complements most residential architectural styles while adding character and grace to your home. This room is sure to become the most lived-in room in your house once you add the dramatic beauty of the Architectural Glass Solarium to your life.