Vertical 4-track EZE-Breeze Windows


Vertical 4-track windows are custom made to fit almost any space.  These windows can go from floor-to-ceiling or mount with a knee wall below it.

The Vertical 4-track windows consist of 4 individual “vents” or panels, that slide up and down on individual tracks and look great with any style of home.  These are the most popular style windows of the EZE-Breeze product line.

Vertical 4-track windows can open up to give 75% ventilation or all the panels can be removed to create a full screen porch effect.


  • Equal vents with option for an unequal top or bottom vent
  • 4, 3 or 2 vent options
  • Outside mount frame – ideal for enclosing an existing porch
    • Available in Single, Twin or Triple
  • Inside mount frame – ideal for multi-floor applications such as condominiums or apartments, or residences not easily accessible from the outside.
  • Factory rolled screen already installed on window frame